History of REALMA

1. Project in 1999-2004

1999-2004 : Courses of graduate level in mathematics given at ENS of Haïti, and hosting of students from Haïti in the master of mathematics at UAG, in the framework of a convention with the French Ambassy at Haïti

1999-2004 : Multiple bilateral cooperation programs with the University of Havana (Cuba), CMM (Chile) and IMPA (Brazil)

1999 : Conference "Approximation and Optimization in the Caribbean" and a thematic mini-school supported by CIMPA organized at UAG.

2003 : "Biomathematical days" are arranged at UAG. Research project "Mathematical modelling of phenomena related to dengue fever and drepanocytosis" is launched, supported by ENPC, INRIA and CNRS (French Guiana).

2004 : Intensive course "Using Scilab" taught at UAG by representatives of CERMICS laboratory of ENPC, within the FIROM project.

2004 : A thematic school organized at IMCA (Peru) in February 2004, sponsored by CIMPA (organizers : Marc Lassonde, UAG, and Wilfredo Sosa, IMCA)

2004 : Yboon Garcia, a Peruvian student, began a PhD in mathematics under joint supervision in UAG and IMCA, with a grant from CONCYTEC (Peru) and the Embassy of France in Lima (thesis defended in 2007)

2. Implementation of the project in 2004-2005

September 2004 : Submission of the project "Establishment of a regional network in mathematics" to the Single Programming Document of Guadeloupe 2005-2006 for regional cooperation, with co-financing of FEDER and FIDOM.

February 2005 : Notification of including of the project "Establishment of a regional network in mathematics" in the Single Programming Document 2000-2006 of Guadeloupe for the year 2005, for a total amount of 140 489 euros (of which 60 000 euros from UAG)

2005-2007 : Multiple assignments aimed at implementation of REALMA project are carried out.

September 2005 : Jorge Barrios, a Cuban student, began a PhD in mathematics under joint supervision at UAG and University of Havana, with financial support from the Embassy of France in Cuba.

December 2005 : Submission of the project "Sarmac" (Support for research in applied mathematics in the Caribbean), to the Regional Cooperation Fund (FCR) of Guadeloupe, financed jointly by FCR, territorial councils, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of France in Cuba, CIMPA, the MODE-SMAI group, UAG and the University of Havana, aimed at implementing the REALMA project in the Carribean (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic)

December 2005 : Seminar "Implementation of REALMA" in Guadeloupe, December 12-16, 2005, bringing together representatives of 11 partnering institutions:UBA (Argentina), IMPA (Brazil), CMM (Chile), UH (Cuba), UEH (Haiti), IMCA (Peru), CNRS (French Guiana), IUFM (Guadeloupe), ENPC (France), CIMPA (France-Unesco) and UAG; signing of agreements with partners and opening up the network statement in the presence of Regional Prefect, the Rector of the Academy, representatives of the territorial councils and the Mayor of Pointe-à-Pitre, on December 16th, 2005.