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Managing Madrid's Drawing Board

Drawings from our resident artists, Sofi Serg and Finn.

Drawing Board: Camavinga is built different

Drawing Board: Dani “Bob Ross” Ceballos

Drawing Board: 4 into Barcelona’s heart and a souvenir in Ancelotti’s pocket

Drawing Board: Anfield bows to the Vikings

Finn’s latest: Real Madrid made Liverpool submit

Drawing Board: Real Madrid fans asking for an attacking left-back

Drawing Board: Le Graët begs Zidane for forgiveness

Drawing Board: Courtois’s long-stretched arm

Drawing Board: Camavinga, the Gamechanga

Managing Madrid Drawing Board: The most memorable group stage moments

Managing Madrid Drawing Board: Real Madrid’s defense melts vs Leipzig

Managing Madrid Drawing Board: Oogway Teaches Fede Valverde Inner Peace

Managing Madrid Drawing Board: Ancelotti sends Xavi back to school

Managing Madrid Drawing Board: Rudiger’s Sacrifice


Managing Madrid Drawing Board: Dark Brandon Perez vs Paris’s Oil Merchant

Drawing Board: Rudiger’s Aerodynamic Sprint

Drawing Board: The New Queen Of Madrid: Caroline Weir

Drawing Board: Real Madrid Fans React To Casemiro’s Departure

Drawing Board: Tchouameni’s heavy shirt

Finn’s take on Carlo’s assessment of the Frenchman’s performance

Drawing Board: Ancelotti, the record man

Finn’s latest drawing is on our gangster coach

Drawing Board: The Bermuda Triangle Wallpaper

Finn’s take on Ancelotti’s recent quotes about KCM

Drawing Board: Casemiro pulling ears

Drawing board: A summary of the Twitter discourse between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans

Finn’s take on the pettiness

Drawing Board: Peter Parker, Vinicius Jr, Bane

Drawing Board: Troll Bale

Finn’s take on Bale’s presentation at LAFC

Drawing Board: Vinicius, the Nokia 3310

Finn’s latest artwork is on our indestructible king

Drawing Board: Mbappe congratulates Florentino

Drawing Board: Rüdiger looks at himself in the mirror

Finn is back!!

Illustrated Poem: An Endless Day Without Real Madrid

What if Real Madrid disappeared?

Lights, Camera, Action: The Story Of Legendary Defender Jacinto Quincoces

An illustrated story about a Spanish actor who’s also known as one of the greatest defenders in Real Madrid’s history.

Illustrated Poem: Keylor Navas And His Struggle For Justice

A poem dedicated to the keeper who has gone from winning three straight Champions League titles to not playing in the tournament at all

When The Seventh Minute Starts: The Story Of Juanito’s Spirit

The article includes illustrations, gifs, videos, quotes, chants, a poem, and a song.

Illustrated Poem: A Motivational Message To Real Madrid

A new poem by Managing Madrid’s resident artist, Sofi Serg, to keep up Madridistas’ spirits


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