Projects and evolution of REALMA

Financing projects. REALMA, a network comprising 12 institutions, is an authoritative body able to implement various projects of regional cooperation. It has been possible to receive necessary funding from various bodies (European, French and local) for implementing several initiatives within the framework of REALMA, such as organizing scientific events, supporting regional mobility of students and researchers. See below the list of projects (completed, in progress or proposed) that allow funding of these initiatives.

Role of partners. The member institutions are responsible, in agreement with local mathematical communities, for identifying scientific needs, finding relevant and credible research partners and proposing regional projects. ; il leur revient ensuite d'étudier ensemble avec les organismes compétents et les autorités des pays concernés les moyens de financer les actions qu'elles souhaitent réaliser dans le cadre de REALMA.

Evolution. In order to gain international visibility and reputation and become a key actor in setting projects in the field of applied mathematics in the LAC region, it is necessary to be recognized by local political and scientific bodies, as well as to have key partners in LAC region and Europe. Plusieurs missions prospectives de REALMA ont été réalisées dans cette optique.

Future work. Objectives of REALMA include establishing a distance collaboration platform, including an interactive collection of didactic materials, scientific works, free software, information on scientific meetings de chacun (Universités, Laboratoires, Organismes, Ambassades, Commission européenne) par région. This still remains to be done.